Storage Solutions

Document Management Portal

Have you been searching for a single solution to securely store and manage all your documents? VarZero’s SmartVault allows you to create and organize folders based on your business needs. You can simply map existing folders or Windows drives directly and enjoy the peace of mind with comes form our integrated offsite back up and recovery. There is no need to pay for a separate back-up solution.

SmartVault provides access and the secure sharing of documents any time and from anywhere via the Web or Internet-enabled mobile devices. Simple invitation model allows you to share files with one person or multiple people.

Hosted File Servers

Dynamic servers are the next generation of server environments, replacing the conventional concept of the dedicated server. VarZero provides resources that look and feel exactly like a dedicated server but, because we utilize a grid computing system, they’re scalable to meet the demands of your business. We allow you to directly control the amount of processing power and space you use, meaning you don’t have to pay for hardware you don’t need. Changes to your dynamic server can be made at any time, on the fly, without the costs associated with moving from one server to another, and all resources are available without capital expenditure.