Security Solutions

Data Loss Prevention

As businesses move to the cloud, and resources become more distributed, issues of compliance and data privacy do not magically disappear. VarZero’s, InterGuard data loss prevention offering was architected to manage corporate data compliance policies, delivered in a SaaS format in a distributed environment. Our solution is capable of delivering an unparalleled level of visibility and control.

Laptop Recovery

VarZero offers the best laptop protection software in the industry. It protects organizations from financial and operational impacts of laptop theft by making the contents on a lost or stolen laptop accessible to the laptop owner, but not to the thief. We allow you to identify, track, and control who accesses data on a stolen laptop, what data is accessed, and what can and cannot be done with that data. When a laptop is lost or stolen, our agent can be activated instantaneously by the rightful owner using any web browser.