So you’ve heard about the cloud.

What is it really?

How can it improve your business?

How can VarZero help? Is it secure?

Cloud computing is one of the most important trends shaping technology for the business market today and likely for decades to come. Simply put, cloud computing is a set of services supplied over the internet on an on-demand basis. There is no need to build a data center (even a small one-server one). There is no software to deploy on local PCs and the services can be licensed on a monthly basis so costs can be matched to your firm’s expansion or contraction.

Office Solutions

From a business perspective Cloud services offer numerous benefits: First, they eliminate large capital expenditures associated with the purchase, installation and management of network servers. They eliminate energy costs associated with powering and cooling of those servers. And they eliminate the inevitable issues which arise when the equipment reaches the end of its useful life: Secure disposal, re-purchase of equipment, re-purchase of software, additional installation, training and deployment costs.

With literally thousands of cloud options available to you, where do you start? The VarZero Solution is a great place to begin. We offer a series of “best-in-class”, tested solutions to help you navigate the cloudosphere.

Office Solutions

  • Hosted Microsoft Desktops allow you to deploy MS office in a virtual environment add users as you need them without long term commitments.
  • Hosted PBX provides all of the functionality of a large-scale phone system (Multiple extensions, automated attendant, voice mail to email) with no on-premise equipment

Application Solutions

  • VarZero hosts your QuickBooks in a secure and protected environment. This builds continuity and disaster recovery into your business. Running your accounting systems online allows your team members and your accounting professionals to work closer together.
  • Secure, convenient Hosted Payroll Services combines easy-to-use technology with payroll experts to help you save time, money and insulate your business from payroll tax risks.
  • VarZero’s unique CRM solution provides direct integration with Quickbooks® to eliminate double entry of clients, integration with MS Outlook to track tasks and remote access from anywhere into client history
  • VarZero provides Management Dashboards to provide on-demand financial intelligence about your business

Storage Solutions

  • With VarZero, you get a single solution for managing your documents and a document portal to share files easily and securely. With SmartVault’s Toolbar plug-in for QuickBooks®, users also get a seamless experience for scanning, viewing, and finding documents within a familiar application.
  • Need a server for a specialized task? VarZero can provide resources which look exactly like an on-premises server, but the virtual server lives in our hosted data center.

Security Solutions

  • With VarZero’s Hosted Data Loss Prevention suite, you can enforce corporate privacy and confidentiality policies even though your team is distributed and you connect to your corporate resources over the web.

Will your data be secure in the cloud? Reputable cloud providers know that any serious security breaches will receive widespread publicity and damage their businesses. That’s why public cloud provider security is often better than that of even most large enterprise data centers. Small businesses gain the leverage of improved security that large cloud providers offer and that would be cost-prohibitive for any individual organization.