Our Mission

Our goal is to help businesses leverage the cloud for simplified IT management, reduced cost, efficient energy consumption and improved flexibility. VarZero assists forward thinking businesses by offering an aggregated cloud services solution from market leading providers.  We eliminate many of the potential challenges caused by innovative technical and commercial models by making them easier to provision, implement and manage.


VarZero was born out of our extensive experience working with end users of data and the knowledge that “the cloud” was maturing.

VarZero adds significant value by lowering the cost of entry and creating a context of services that allow small and medium sized businesses the support necessary to implement changes in their IT model.

VarZero allows businesses to:

•    Start small and grow big with no minimum commitments or restrictive contracts.

•    Be agile and competitive by accessing market leading services on an as-needed basis.

•    Remain current with new technology without disruptive hardware and/or software upgrades.

•    Ease the business model transition by subscribing to industry-leading solutions

VarZero is continuously adding new services to its portfolio, but VarZero is far more than a cloud product catalogue. By intelligently connecting cloud vendors and IT consumers, VarZero takes a pivotal role in helping businesses take advantage of new and innovative solutions.