In the world of business IT support one can define a range of organizational strategies.

At one end we have what may be called the “Large Firm Self-Sufficient Model”.  In this structure, large organizations have created dedicated internal technical support teams who deploy systems, manage upgrades, troubleshoot balky hardware and provide end-user software support.  These organizations will occasionally use outside consultants to assist with the newest technology, large scale upgrades, or special issues such as security or identity management.

At the other end we have what may be called the “Small Firm Self-Sufficient Model”.  These organizations tend to have narrow needs (accounting, word processing, spreadsheets and email) and the business owner or other senior staffer has the requisite skills and confidence to deploy the required applications and seek out solutions to issues as they arise.

To serve the vast majority of businesses who prefer not to be self-sufficient – either because they  value the efficiency of using outside services or because they do not have the capabilities internally – an industry of “Managed Services Providers” has developed.  MSP’s range in size from one-person shops providing support to local businesses to large international organizations serving the world’s largest companies and governments.

As Cloud Computing has entered the mainstream a new breed of IT support organizations has evolved: “Cloud Services Providers.”  And even within this group capabilities and objectives vary.  Many MSPs are re-branding themselves as CSPs by offering to host data centers, set up cloud-based backup or assist in the deployment of dedicated Virtual Desktop technology.

VarZero is one of a new and unique breed of True Cloud Services Providers who are working to migrate businesses off of dedicated technology (whether internally installed or externally hosted) onto shared cloud resources.  In the same way that MSPs have, for the last 20 years, provided strategic guidance and support in the area of dedicated solutions, CSPs like VarZero are positioning themselves to help businesses integrate web-based solutions for Hosted email, Hosted QuickBooks Accounting, Hosted CRM, Hosted Document storage and other shared services.

With this new model, businesses can implement a known set of services to achieve maximum efficiency, cost savings and flexibility.


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